School Holiday Stitching

This is the first school holidays in a while where we haven't had the whole 2 weeks filled with stuff to do! Yes we are away, but we are staying with family, my husband is working (he's working in Sydney for 6 weeks) and for the rest of us there's not much on the agenda. So there has been plenty of time for me to cross stitch and my 2 girls have been doing a lot of Diamond Dotz pictures.

I finished my smallest project - the Iris kit I got from the op shop. I had some time waiting for medical appointments last week so was able to get a bit done then so just kept going until it was finished 

It was a pretty dodgy kit! The needle was a normal sewing needle, the dark green wasn't on the pattern and then the hoop type frame that came with it didn't fit!! Irises are my favourite flower which is why I got it in the first place. I'll just find a hoop that fits it and finish it off that way.


The Pioneer

Country Threads Kit
Started May 2018

Not worth posting a photo of this project this week! Have done no stitching on it since we've been away. I did bring it with me, but I want to get one of my others finished soon so have been working more on it.

Christmas Joy

Pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy 

Started September 2018

I went to Spotlight and got the rest of the thread I needed for this... and still missed one! But I got the most important colours.

Good Friends Are Like Stars 

PDF pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy
Started 14th September 2018

I wanted to have this finished to give my friend when I saw her yesterday. Unfortunately I had to completely redo the word There - I was out by 1 stitch!!

Sweet as Honey (new project)
Free kit from Cross Stitcher Magazine
I'll start this once I finish 'Good Friends are like Stars'. 

I've been posting more frequently on instagram but still haven't worked out how to embed it here. 

We haven't made another video yet, but I bought a phone tripod today so hopefully soon! We'll have lots of projects to show - Elizabeth has been working a lot on her Diamond Dotz kits.


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