My first FFO's!

In the past most of my stitching has needed to be properly framed. Some still hasn't but is at my mum's  (I'll post photos of them another time). Looking at a couple, they could be easily turned into cushions or finished in a less formal way, but that's a job for another time.

So to have two Fully Finished Objects finished in the same week is a new concept for me! I also have a third finish but haven't gotten a hoop to frame it yet. We're still in Sydney until the end of the week so it's easy enough to get to Spotlight. 


Iris (dodgy kit from an Op Shop)

The kit came with a frame but it was way too small. I found the green one at a shop called The Sewing Basket It's basically a craft op shop! A new shop opened last Friday so I went and had a look at both shops. Got quite a few things including this frame, some patterns, an unopened QSnap Frame and some fabric - probably need a whole haul post to cover it all.

I finished this off with felt on the back. It was hard to get it pulled in properly at the back because there wasn't enough fabric around it. But no one is going to be looking at the back and the front looks fine! I did end up using spray glue to get the felt on - it was only around the edge and not on the stitching.

Bee Needlecase (Free kit from Cross Stitcher Magazine)

This was a quick stitch. The pattern didn't have anything on the back but after someone posted their stitching on the back I did something similar. I hand stitched the ric rac on then stitched the felt into the case. I think the inside needs finishing with some fabric over the stitching, I'll keep a lookout for some bee themed material.

Stitchy Finishes

Good Friends Are Like Stars 

PDF pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy
Started 14th September 2018

Just need a hoop and some dark coloured felt for the back. This was a pretty easy stitch though the backstiching was a bit tricky. I'm happy with it and I'm sure my friend who it is a gift for will love it!


The Pioneer

Country Threads Kit
Started May 2018

Still no progress on this since I've been away. I did take the pattern to Officeworks to get scanned and printed on A3 paper. It's been enlarged so hopefully it will be easier to read now.

Christmas Joy

Pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy 

Started September 2018

Realised this week that the hoop I bought for this is too small! I cut the fabric bigger than I needed so there should be enough. I put it in the Qsnap I bought this week - it's 11x11" It just fits and I found it better to stitch in than a hoop. I usually stitch in hand, but have been stitching the linen in a hoop since it's been a while since I used linen.

Wedding Sampler (new project)

PDF pattern from SewHappyMailBristol on Etsy
Started 8th October 2018

I actually got a lot more of this done today (yes while watching Pride & Prejudice..) but as it was the newlyweds name I'm not going to show my stitching. I got the whole middle done and then some of the hearts. I wasn't able to get a couple of the threads which is the only reason I didn't keep stitching it. It won't take long at all to finish. I'll be finishing it in a hoop like the sample on etsy.

Fashion Boutique (new project)

Free kit from The World of Cross Stitch Magazine (Issue 271)
Started 8th October 2018

This is the first time I've had a free kit with the pattern actually in the kit and not just in the magazine. Mind you I've only just started buying cross stitch magazines again after a long time. This one has fractional stitches in it which I haven't done in a long time - but not finding it too bad. 

Well that's it for my stitching this week. The girls are both away with their grandparents so no video again. Hopefully, after we get home next week!


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