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My first digital scrapbook page

Ok so part of my job is helping teachers & students with using software on the laptops they are given. The laptops have an Adobe suite on them that includes Photoshop Elements. So to teach myself how to use it I've been trying to design some digital scrapbook pages - may as well learn on something that's useful. Yes I could go & get some of the ready made stuff, but that kinda defeats the purpose of learning how to do it myself!
The last few times I've tried I've had little success, giving up before I get anything much achieved. I spent yesterday watching a whole heap of online videos about Photoshop Elements - it must have helped cause I finally got something done.
The whole layers thing was confusing me. That and other things like having to accept the changes to a photo etc before being able to do anything else (including minimising the screen). But a whole lot of time today without interruptions (everyone else is on holidays) helped. I made the mistake yesterd…