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Flowers on our rogue cotton plants reminded me I hadn't posted a page I did last year showing how the flower turns into a boll.

Firstly I guess I'd better say why we have rogue cotton plants in our garden!! A couple of years ago I asked a friend to get us some cotton so I could get some of the bolls. It got left on the verandah too long & kinda self sowed in the garden. We have a mini crop down the side of the house + one lone plant near our driveway. 

We've just left it there for now & it's flowering for the 2nd year. Some has already flowered & developed cotton bolls. The one near the driveway seems to do it later than the others. 

When it flowered last year I took a series of photos to show how a cotton boll develops. It was around the time there were news reports that lots of students didn't know that cotton grew on plants. So I decided to make a scrapbook page.

When cotton is grown commercially it is defoliated before the cotton pickers strip off the b…