Back home...for now

Trying to get back into the swing of things after holidays is never easy! Even more so when you know you have another 2 trips away in the next month. Our weather is getting hotter as well which takes me a bit of getting used to even after 20+ years in this area!

Stitchy Finishes

Christmas Ornament (Tree)

Designs For The Needle Inc kit
Bought from a Salvo's shop
Started and finished 14th October

I found 3 similar kits at a Salvos shop. I'm not a fan of the lace so might just get a hoop to frame it. And I don't think I'll put in all the single yellow stitches around it. It came with all the DMC numbers so I'm going to use the pattern again to make some more ornaments.

Wedding Sampler 

PDF pattern from SewHappyMailBristol on Etsy
Started 8th October 2018

I've covered the name for privacy. This was mostly a quick stitch, though I did have to unpick the top bit where it says 'love' 4 times! I still have to get a hoop frame for it before it's fully finished.


The Pioneer

Country Threads Kit
Started May 2018

Not a lot of progress but I have started working on it again. I'm in a section on the top right that is taking a bit of time. I think also that it takes a bit of time to get used to stitching it again once I've had a break from it! Aiming to spend at least a couple of evenings a week stitching on it.

Christmas Joy

Pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy 

Started September 2018

Worked a bit more on the right hand side of this one. Got it fitted nicely on the Qsnap but the stitching area is too big so not sure what I'll do when I get to the top and left hand side. I've been using a hoop or frame for linen just because it had been a long time since I had stitched on linen - I mostly sew in hand. I've got a couple of smaller hoops which I might put to use as I go.

Fashion Boutique 

Free kit from The World of Cross Stitch Magazine (Issue 271)
Started 8th October 2018

Made a pretty big error on the bodice so had to unpick it. Now I'm not sure I'll have enough of the red thread to finish it. The kit doesn't have DMC colours listed so I'm hoping there will be just enough.

Christmas Ornament (Bear & Wreath)

Designs For The Needle Inc kit
Bought from a Salvo's shop

The second of the 3 kits I found at a Salvo's shop. Not quite as quick as the 1st one, but still cute. Again I'm not sure if I'll use the enclosed frame. If I give it away I probably will. I'm going to keep the pattern and try it on 14 count aida (the kit came with 18 count) and see how it goes. I'll probably frame that in a hoop.

Well that's it for the last few weeks! 


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