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Last post for 2011!!

I posted a question on Twitter today asking what people suggested to make New Years Eve a bit more exciting for those of us who stayed at home. I got some great responses - dressing up & making dinner special with special dishes etc, playing games, making a video, making a time capsule.All great ideas. I went with the special dinner idea mainly. The kids loved it. We had a table cloth, actually set the table (rather than grabbing the cutlery off the rack), candles & wine glasses. Of all that I think the kids were mostly excited about the wine glasses - oh & the fact they had 'proper' plates, not the melamine ones they usually use! I cooked one of our favourites - orange chicken. I thought this could be the start of a new tradition - although M did point out it was only one of his favourites! I suggested we take a vote next year! One thing Bissy learnt off her aunty a few years ago was clinking glasses & saying 'Cheers'. She learnt this rather well & …

15th Wedding Anniversary at O'Reillys

The 30th of November was our 15th wedding anniversary. Normally this is where an appropriately embarrassing wedding photo would be placed. Well none of our wedding photos have yet to make it into digital format so I'll insert a more recent photo. I decided we needed to go away for this momentous occasion. I'd worked out a while ago he had 4 days off & had lined up my parents to take care of the kids. I then went about organising a suprise location for our anniversary trip.We both enjoy photography, so I started looking for some kind of photography workshop. I came across the website for Trekabout Photography Workshops who just happened to have a 2 day workshop on the exact weekend Peter had RDO's. To top it off, the workshop was at O'Reilly's in Lamington National Park - where I'd been wanting to visit for a long time.It was a suprise - right up until I had to tell Peter which way we were driving. Once I said we were going North, but not to the Gold Coast, h…