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November 6th

Means of Transportation
My car is my main means of transportation. It's an ordinary run of the mill sedan that's getting a little old. We've had it since 2000 when it was 2 years old. It's done a lot of kilometres over the years, mostly travelling to & from Sydney. Before my hubby got his crewman ute it was our main family car.
I didn't do a lot of driving long distances until the last few years. This year I've driven heaps more than usual. Partly due to work, partly visiting family & partly due to our oldest daughter being involved in a dance group in Sydney. I'm finding the driving not too bad actually - except for one section of road (I've been driving the same road alot) that for some reason just makes me sleepy! Caffeine!!

I don't usually drink energy drinks, but needed it for this trip! I'd already had coffee & coke earlier in the day. I was driving our oldest daughter halfway to Sydney to be picked up by my brother - she had anoth…

November 5th

Seasonal Produce

Lots of things are in season at the minute since we are in spring, rapidly heading towards summer! Mangoes & strawberries are the favourites in our household. Later in summer there are cherries & briefly lychees - I love summer fruit!
But it's what's in our garden that we've been slowly eating. Slowly because we have to wait for it to grow! Well except for the lettuce & chillies. We had 10 beans the other day that I had to divide up amongst us. The purple thing is a capsicum & it was fairly small so that was 1 lunch for hubby & I. The tomatoes are showing lots of promise, but still green. 
We planted a punnet of lettuce not realising it was a bitter variety which we're not exactly fans of. So we have plenty of that + 1 non bitter lettuce plant - I try & mix the two hoping the kids don't notice! And the chillies are my hubbies - two plants with heaps of flowers & maturing chillies.
On top of that we have beetroot & spring…

November 4th

My Best FriendNo photo today. My best friend is careful about what is posted about her family on the net & I respect that. 
We have been friends since Year 7 -- we think... We can't seem to remember exactly when we met, only that we ended up in the same classes in Year 8 & Year 9. Amazingly we were mostly allowed to sit together in class even though we spent a fair bit of time chatting - well it seemed that way anyway. Years later our English teacher told us she didn't mind that we talked because I would help my friend in class. What I didn't know (until much later) was that she hadn't learnt to read until she was in Year 4 & often struggled with it.
I still remember where we were when I told her & my other friends my family was moving away - in the upstairs corner of the library amongst the Asterix comics we would read each morning before school started. We stayed in contact though, writing letters, ringing & occasionally visiting.
During Year 8 we ha…

November 3rd

A Meal

My Grammy's rissoles & gravy has to be my favourite meal. Fortunately she talked me through how to make them before she got dementia. I was living here & she told me over the phone - no quantities mind you. I'd made them a number of times before accidently working out the 'secret' ingredient! Turns out salt is what makes it taste soooo good. I've made a couple of minor changes - they have to be gluten free so I use rice crumbs & cornflour instead of bread & plain flour. Also Gram would grate the onion, but I don't like doing that so try & cut the onion as fine as I can - actually I don't mind the chunky onion. I always hope there are leftovers (not very often) so, like Gram, we can have rissole & gravy sandwiches the next day!

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November 2nd

On My Computer
On a Friday afternoon at work -- NOTHING! My job involves supporting technology at school, hence more than one on my desk! It's always good to get to the end of the week. Even though as soon as I get home I will more than likely be sitting in front of my own laptop!!

At home I do some paperwork (I'm loving Shoeboxed at the minute!), but mostly alot of surfing the web. Facebook is usually open in a window to chat to friends & play a few games. Since I started digi scrapping alot of time is spent finding & downloading digi scrap freebies & working on layouts. Throw in some family history research, viewing missed episodes of favourite shows, emails & photo editing (just to name a few things) -- really don't like to think about how much time I actually spend on a computer each day!!

Cider Time

Nice to relax with at the end of the week. We don't drink much, but cider is our favourite. We're always finding new ones to try. There's a limited…