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Yes I've had something removed! I didn't even know it was the name of the operation until I saw the paperwork at the hosptial. (a random site I googled to show what bone I had removed)

I had the operation 3 weeks ago.  For now I'm walking with one crutch, on the heel & right side of my foot. With a particularly attractive black shoe thing with velcro on the top & a hard sole so I can't bend my foot. I can scrunch up my toes when I'm resting but I can't bend it the other way (think of when you're walking, & you have your foot bent up ready to take the next step). From the top of my big toe down to the base of the ball joint was numb after the operation - would have hated to feel the pain if it wasn't! The feeling has been coming back into it though it's still fairly numb in spots. There's lots of tingling & today a bit of stinging so I think it's all going ok.

I hadn't really …