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A couple of finishes and a new start

Getting time to write has a been a bit tricky the last few weeks! Especially as there's so much stitching to do. I stitch most evenings, though usually most weeks there is one or two nights where I don't get to.

My main finish in the last couple of weeks was The Cowboy Boots. It's for a present and not fully finished yet. I have a picture in my mind of how to do it thanks to watching a lot of flosstube lately! I don't have the supplies to do it though so it has to wait until I get to a place with the appropriate stores. I really like how it turned out. It was easy to stitch and I didn't really get bored of doing only one colour. Having other projects to do at the same time probably helped!

Pattern from Instant Cross Stitch on Etsy Started June 2018 - Finished 14th September 218
My other finish was one I only started this week. I was watching Flannel Jammies Farm on Youtube and one of her older …

WIP Wednesday

I'm not sure how often I'll post, maybe once a week or so. Since I'm just starting, I thought I'd do an individual post about each of my current WIP's. 

My biggest project at the minute is 'The Pioneer'. It's a Country Threads kit I bought from a shop in Narooma (South Coast NSW). 'The Pioneer' is a famous Australian painting, painted by Fredrick McCubbin around 1901 - it can be seen in the Victorian Art Gallery (

My hubby had a print of it in the house and it stayed after we were married. It's looking a bit shabby now, so when I saw the kit I decided to have a go. My reputation for finishing cross stitches in a timely manner is not good as I mentioned previously so I was a bit worried when starting it that I might lose interest quickly.

The kit has 16 count Aida and uses DMC threads.

I started it in March, straight after finishing 'Footprints'. Some parts drive me a bit batty - esp…

Restarting my blog!

Welcome to my blog!!

As you can see if you scroll down, I've tried blogging before but not too successfully!! I've recently started cross stitching again and decided to try again to keep a record of all my stitching.

A bit about me. I'm Jo, married with 3 kids, living in country Australia and really enjoying getting back into cross stitch. I started cross stitching when I was about 16. My great aunt was a dressmaker and was always giving us various crafts to try. I wasn't much of a sewer, but for some reason decided to have a go and was hooked. 

I had a big break after the kids were born (my oldest is 17). A few years ago I decided to start again with a Frosted Pumpkin Mystery Stitch Along. It was an ideal project to get back into cross stitch with as it wasn't too complicated. 

It wasn't until this year that I really got back into cross stitch. I had an unfinished project that had been bugging me for a long time. I'd started the 'Footprints' poem for m…