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Playing with my iPod

I'm playing with my iPod - found this app to write blog posts. I'm not that great at typing with one finger - but I suppose with practice I'll get used to it. Only drawback to having an iPod touch rather than an iPhone is that I can't take photos. Oh & I have to be where there is wireless to be able to post. Neither are biggies at the minute.

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Australia Day 2010

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We have had a relatively quiet day. I've had a headache so haven't wanted to do much. We did go to our local Museum for the Australia Day ceremony. It wasn't much - a few speeches, a few awards presented & some Aussie poetry. The kids were really good - only getting fidgety right at the end. The Australia Day Ambassador was Noel Cleal - a football player from the 70's - 80's. I thought there would be more people than there was seeing as Rugby League is popular in town. And especially as Noel Cleal is involved with the Manly Sea Eagles where a famous player from our town plays. Maybe it was the heat or who knows?

After the formal part the kids went & got their sample bags - SJ was very excited to get a flag - and then promptly broke it. We had sausage sizzle for lunch, then had a look through the museum. We've been a…