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T2 Notebook

T2 is a really cool Tea shop. We've bought tea from them for a while, mostly specialty ones - it's a bit expensive for everyday drinking. When I started making the notebooks, I had a T2 box sitting there & thought it would be a good way of using up some of the paper scraps I had after making the photo ones. I played around for a while & got a nice mini sized notebook. I can get 5 notebooks out of a box. The front & back I make into one notebook (so the ones with the big T2 on them in the photo below). The others I use a back cover made out of a cereal box. At first I used black tape on the spine, but I'm not sure if it will stay stuck.  Now when we go to T2, I'm on the lookout for different tea boxes!! And yes I'm guilty of buying the tea just because of the box! Lucky we don't live closer or I'd have way much more tea than we already do.