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E riding at the Show

E LOVES horse riding. She goes to RDA in the next town - RDA stands for Riding Develops Ability (used to be called Riding for the Disabled). In the next town they have it every 2nd Monday during Term 2 & Term 3 - it's generally too hot the rest of the year (for riders & volunteers)

Riding started again last Tuesday. So riding on Saturday was the 2nd time she'd been back in the saddle since last October. You would have thought she'd been riding all that time. Straight up into the saddle - they have a special mounting ramp so it's easy for all the riders. She'd had to wait for a while - the adults went first. She collected her helmet & boots then sat patiently waiting until it was her turn to ride Nay. Nay is the horse she generally rides - Request is the other horse she rides sometimes. Nay is a grey horse - she tells us all grey horses are Nay!

They have a course they follow - moving flags side to side, over a pretend bridge, posting a letter - all deve…


Over the Easter weekend we go camping (most years anyway). We go out to P's cousins property & camp in the bush. This was the first time for SJ & we weren't sure she'd like it. See the smile on her face? It was there for most of the time we were there! She loved it. Early on she asked where the sink & bath were (the toilet had to be hurriedly put together when she needed to go!) She ran around most of the weekend with no shoes, playing in the dirt. We had to soak her feet on the last morning. It looked like she had a huge splinter in her foot - but it was just a cut that was full of dirt. The only bandaids we had wouldn't stick (I'd already proved that after I'd burnt my hand the day before), so she got her foot bandaged - she then ran around with 1 gumboot & 1 sneaker until I took her home.

E & M love it too. The biggest attraction is the quadrunner. Fortunately they aren't big enough to ride them by themselves. SJ sits up front with who…