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My First Blog Post

I've had this blog set up for a while, but haven't done anything about it. I set it up with the aim of showing off some of the notebooks I make. I kept a Xanga blog for a while, but it's kinda been left to rot now. So the notebooks I make - there's an example to the left. It's basically a photo made into a notebook. The original instructions (which I'll post when I work out how to post links etc) has a photo for the front & back page. I did this to start with, but now work with recycled cereal boxes etc for the back cover. Inside are a mix of new & recycled pages - though some have all recycled or all new pages. And it's developed from there - I've made them out of cereal boxes covered with pretty paper, used the packaging from drinks, iceblocks & am making some now made from free postcards I picked up in Sydney. The photos are ones I've taken myself. So far I've used the one with the bottlebrush + a blossom one but I've got a …