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5th December

My favourite place to shop Imaage
Kinokuniya in Galleries Victoria is my favourite shop. It's in the Sydney CBD so it's probably fortunate I don't get there often!! It's a Japanese bookshop. I don't often buy actual books anymore since I bought my Kindle, but this shop has an awesome range of books.

But it's not the books I go for most of the time, it's the stationery section. They have lots of cool pens, notebooks & other stationery that I love. I probably have way to many pens, but always find just one more I like. I also like the Japanese craft & drawing books they have there. 

The kids section is pretty awesome & is in the section where the main front window is in the photo!

Can't wait to get back & see what I can find next time I'm in Sydney!

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4th December

With my own two hands

I make books, well notebooks really. I've made some traditional books, but these glue bound ones I make from various things are my favourite to make. I started off using photos & some instructions I found on the net & then went from there.

Inside the books are mostly recycled pages, the backs are made from cereal boxes. I collect clean McDonald's brown paper bags & anything similar for the spines.

T2 is a brand of tea here in Australia that comes in cool boxes. The angel is a Christmas card, 5 Seeds is a Cider brand. The train was a series of postcards my hubby got as promotional stuff. I'm always sizing up boxes for their notebook cover potential.

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3rd December

At work

This is part of my work area. I work in a high school as a Technology Support Officer (TSO). This position was introduced a few years ago into high schools in our state (New South Wales). The federal government provided money for the states to introduce 1 to 1 computer schemes for students in Year 9 - Year 12. 
The way our state did this was to allocate a netbook to each student in Year 9 which when they finish Year 12 they take it with them. As well they put wireless infrastructure into each high school, employed part & full time TSO's, provided teachers with netbooks & training.
I've worked at the high school in various roles on & off since I came here 18 years ago - even though I first came as a teacher. This job really interested me so I applied & got it. 
Mainly my job is to look after the laptops. It's mostly not difficult - just general trouble shooting after they are handed out each year. Our school is relatively small, so I don't have a lot…

2nd December

An Accomplishment

SJ is in Kinder - well for another 2 or so weeks anyway (she was asking today when she won't be in Kindy any more). She's been doing well at school, though most of what we hear is about what she's been doing at recess and lunch...
Yesterday she asked to draw on the whiteboard we have in the kitchen. She was asking how to spell words - Christmas, Narrabri, Royal Far West. But I was suprised when she showed me the whiteboard with the first sentence on it! She went on to write 2 more. And while they weren't perfect it was really good to see that she has been learning something at school! 

Her other accomplishment - participating in her dance recital with no dress rehearsal! She was away with us so wasn't able to go to the final rehearsals.
(Royal Far West is a children's service for country kids. Our oldest has Down Syndrome & we have had difficulty accessing speech therapy etc for her. So we take her to Royal Far West for a week of appointments.…

1st December

The Trees
We're in summer now, so the spring flowers are pretty much finished. If they weren't before they will be after the heatwave of the last couple of days!!
This is a ponytail palm my hubby got a long time before we got married. It was originally in a pot  indoors until he planted it out.
It's apparently unusual to have one with so many 'ponytails' & so many flower spikes on it. Pretty much every year we get at least this many flower spikes. Sometimes more - it depends if we've remembered to remove the dead ones from the previous year. Occasionally one of the branches rots - another one shoots up to replace it.

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