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Kitchen Renos Part 2

We didn't get much done on the kitchen during the week. Pete had 3 night shifts then a day shift sooo that was him out for the week. I had several trips to the next town, normal work + unwell kids (last week of the school term is always a struggle to keep the kids well & able to go to school).[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Since we haven't managed to get a plumber in to move the drains for the sink & sort out gas lines, I didn't think we'd be doing much this weekend. But we did. First Pete & our nephew pulled the wall cupboards & old exhaust fan out. Then the cupboards on the left.[[posterous-content:pid___1]]And then the tiles. I got to swing a hammer for a while (and felt it this morning!). We basically had to chisel them off the wall, they were certainly stuck on well. I did about half, our nephew did the other side. Did ok except for the last bit - there's now a bit of a hole in the wall near the sink. Pete brought back in one of the old benches s…

Let the Kitchen Renos begin!!

We've been talking about doing renovations in the kitchen for years. We had filled in part of the back verandah about 13 years ago - but the space wasn't practical for much & it ended up as a dumping zone mostly for my craft stuff.It kinda kept getting put off -- until our stove caught fire last year. Fortunately the worst thing affected was the stove, but there was enough damage that we would have to replace cupboards etc. So the insurance company agreed to pay us the money so we could extend it as we had planned. So this is the alcove that we put on years ago. Where the new plaster is on the wall - that's where a sliding door used to be. We had to take it out to fit what we wanted along that wall. The sink is going under the window. The opening on the left is where the sink is now. Originally, before the last reno, the archway was a window. Pete's dad helped us with that work & he built the shelf. He built it to last apparently - it took Pete quite a while to…