WIP Wednesday

I'm not sure how often I'll post, maybe once a week or so. Since I'm just starting, I thought I'd do an individual post about each of my current WIP's. 

My biggest project at the minute is 'The Pioneer'. It's a Country Threads kit I bought from a shop in Narooma (South Coast NSW). 'The Pioneer' is a famous Australian painting, painted by Fredrick McCubbin around 1901 - it can be seen in the Victorian Art Gallery (http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/explore/collection/work/5990/)

My hubby had a print of it in the house and it stayed after we were married. It's looking a bit shabby now, so when I saw the kit I decided to have a go. My reputation for finishing cross stitches in a timely manner is not good as I mentioned previously so I was a bit worried when starting it that I might lose interest quickly.

The kit has 16 count Aida and uses DMC threads.

I started it in March, straight after finishing 'Footprints'. Some parts drive me a bit batty - especially when I started - the middle of the pattern was close to the man's head. But now I get into a bit of a rhythm when I'm doing it and it is going along nicely.

I was initially finishing off a thread colour before I changed - so I'd do a section where I was mainly working then look around to see where else nearby I could do the same colour. It wasn't the best method early on - there's a few single stitches I'm finding I'm having to go back to and work out what they were because I missed them initially. I have a marked up working pattern, but the colours are sometimes so close together in shade it's hard to tell.

There are no fractional stitches (yay!). There are alot of half stitches, most of which are the same colour as some of the full stitches. So I have to make sure I get the right one. The stitching at the top right is the far right hand side of the whole piece.

Overall I am enjoying it. That might also be because I have other projects to pick up when it might be just too hard to concentrate on it. I've never really tried to do multiple projects but I think it's working for me!
I've made a YouTube video with my oldest daughter about our crafting. She is 17 and has Down Syndrome - she has always liked talking to the camera so really enjoyed it. Her craft is Diamond Dotz, and I talk about my current cross stitching. She was keen to do it again today so we'll probably be doing more in the future! https://youtu.be/JQW_xELV33g


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